Welcome to the site

Well, you found you way here - didn't you. Don't lie, I can certainly tell that you are reading this rather lazy index page copy. There's a new paragraph coming up rather soo


Woah, great! You made it past the watermarked image of two men shaking hands. I told you there was going to be a new paragraph, and I certainly didn't care if you believed me. It happened, didn't it? Hell yes. I'll let finc.hairy tell you more about this company, but until he figures out how to edit this page .. I'm not telling you shit. Ha!

What we do

Not a whole hell of a lot, but when we do - we throughly enjoy it. Want a list of the games we partake in? Alright, since you asked so bloody nicely ..

  • Counter Strike: Source
  • World of Warcraft
  • Other?

Back in the day, we used to play alot. But, with time comes adulthood and the responsibilities of such. YOU could change that for finc, just recruit now and play with us.